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An experimental bioweapon that was produced inside of a consortium via the ZaKa Conglomerate, the U.S. Governing administration, as well as U.S. Military. This is a mutagenic virus that may be transmitted inside the air and by connection with system fluids. Gagne takes the form of the thick fog which has covered The whole thing of Chicago, Illinois and is particularly producing animals and folks to horrifically change into grotesque monsters with huge maws that may spawn leech-like larvae.

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Caused by a extremely lethal and communicable airborne virus, VITAS is the ailment responsible for a lot of the adjustments that resulted in what grew to become the Sixth Planet inside the Shadowrun universe, having killed 1 / 4 of the entire world's populace just after its outbreak in 2011. A 2nd strain (VITAS II) broke out during the 2020s, killing an extra 10%.

An airborne pathogen-by-proxy that infects endothermic humanoids which has a virus, resulting in the host to become lethargic and create extra macroviruses until he/she/it wastes absent and dies. When a few of the bugs invaded Voyager, the EMH was capable to synthesize a cure.

Exterior the human body, it sporulates into dust. If an infected human being is Reduce deep ample, the microorganisms turns them into powder. Is usually handled, although not cured, using a pill made up of a fusion inhibitor and dehydrated blood.

MTamashiro-66 Virus (typically shortened to MTa66) as depicted in the Halo book collection can be a virus that affects the nervous process of a number of species of canine.

Illness which feeds about the salt in its host's system. The host at some point loses their humanity and will become violently hungry, looking for the salty blood of Many others. The plague is spread by its target's bites.

During the Oct four, 2008 episode, Bonerplasia can be a fictional affliction which happens to be allegedly a sort of Continual priapism. A person (played by Jason Sudeikis) utilized it as being a faux rationalization for why he continually acquired erections around a lady, Amber (performed by Anne Hathaway), he was secretly interested in nevertheless saying to get gay.

A parasitic, organism which can infect a number of hosts, including people. It's got the ability to control its host's habits, inducing a hive-like mentality One of the my site contaminated and extreme hostility toward uninfected people.

A neurological disorder presumed to possess a significant mortality rate by way of a sluggish, painful course of action. Rob Reiner describes it impacting "Little ones and adults who have a tricky time managing their hyperactivity. It is as in the event you have been on 5 cups of coffee all of the time." It had been named after the health care provider who discovered it.

Participant managed hunters can be contaminated, which supplies them a minimal length of time ahead of the virus activates and briefly gets rid of their pure regeneration. Furthermore, it would make attacks from Gore Magala, Chaotic Gore Magala (A Gore Magala that has not properly drop It really is pores and skin and come to be Shagaru Magala) Shagaru Magala, or a frenzied monster way more lethal than normal. If a hunter manages to indicate sufficient aggression right before this activation occurs, they conquer the virus, preventing all detrimental effects and gaining a short-expression rise in physical ability.

A unusual viral strain found in queen ant genes. It had been discovered by Alexia Ashford, though she was learning ants. When combined with the Progenitor Virus, it creates the impressive T-Veronica virus. In all probability the Handle electrical power of it can be due The traditional virus.

Sent to Earth by an alien race living in symbiosis with it, during the hopes of furthering other races' advance. Made for managed shipping, it is actually become a plague by a curious retriever's reducing the vessel with an hacksaw.

It truly is noncommunicable, and There may be at the moment no regarded remedy, nevertheless its development could be slowed by way of publicity to heat, arid environments.

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